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Palehorse Early Adopter Program

Palehorse Marketplace is a members only NFT platform. The Early Adopter Program is limited to 6 whitelisted brands who can mint and sell digital and physical goods, vote on new members to onboard, and receive priority participation in interactive Palehorse events.

Early Adopters will also choose from one of six rare Max Goldie skeleton 3D characters. This collection will be exclusive to Early Adopters and members of our marketplace board.

Mint & Sell NFTs

Early Adopters will have their ETH wallets whitelisted to have the exclusive ability to mint and sell on the Palehorse Platform. Whitelisting provides a secure and authenticated experience for both vendors and their customers.

Brands can sell their goods in both digital and physical form as tickets, merch, or art. NFTs minted on Palehorse will contain perks and utilities unique to your business for customers to redeem.

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Community Governance

Businesses selected as Early Adopters receive Palehorse Marketplace "board" seats. Board members have the ability to vote on new Palehorse members. You help determine which brands join the Palehorse community.

We encourage networking and collaboration across our platform. Early Adopters also have the ability to connect directly with other members in the Palehorse community Discord server.

Priority Participation in the Palehorse Ecosytem

Early Adopters will be given priority access to promote and market their brand by participating in Palehorse's interactive events. This presents members with a great opportunity to cross promote and collaborate with other brands within the Palehorse network.



Palehorse Marketplace started as a passion project one year ago and is now gearing up to be the biggest NFT utility driven marketplace in the world. Learn about how we plan on getting there!

June 2022

Palehorse Marketplace beta launch with Early Adopters. Applications are open until 7/01/22.

July 2022

Platform is now open for applications from all prospective brands to join Palehorse Marketplace. New members will have the ability to mint NFTs on both Polygon and ETH blockchains.

Palehorse will begin to announce new members via Instagram, Twitter, and Discord following each marketplace board vote.

New members will receive personalized onboarding following a successfully accepted invitation.

Semptember 2022

2.0 version of thePalehorse Marketplace platform will launch filled with amazing new features and upgrades for our members.

Palehorse will launch a series of new interactive experiences throughout additional cities in the US.

Dates are subject to change. All members will have the opportunity to request your brand be considered for promotional participation in any upcoming Palehorse interactive event.


September 2022

🚀 Metaverse launch
Our virtual world will be launched and feature store fronts for Early Adopters and select members.

Palehorse's token will be integrated within our ecosystem. A select number of tokens will be airdropped to our Early Adopter brands.

October 2022

Launch of Palehorse Wallet completely customized and integrated with our marketplace.

We hope to keep growing and see an incredible milestone for our project that is becoming bigger and bigger: 50,000+ community members.
william white

January 2023

🚀 6 MONTHS from launch
Palehorse looks to expand our interactive experiences outside of the United States.

From launch, we will accept applications from brands all over the world. This applies only to the expansion of our IRL interactive experiences.

andrew butler

June 2023

Palehorse is a year old. Let's throw the most interactive event of the century!

Early Adopters


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